• PuntuCon

    Digital Construction Control

    Document and information flow
    Deviation information system
    Easy retrieval from the cloud
    Manage process flow in organization
    Cloud Based Project Management

Promotes document and information flows

Storage in the cloud

It creates digital shelves according to your organizational structure, culture, processes and organizes documents accordingly in the cloud with information that accompanies them.

All the documents and the data generated in an organization are stored in the cloud. The data could be used to improve the efficiency of the organization, culture, work processes and to perform analysis to improve efficiency. Storing the documents in the cloud makes retrieval easier.

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Short explanation of the benefits of the software: Cloud connected, data-driven, user-integrated, proformance enhanced.

The original PSD of the graphic is included in the package. You can easily customise the PSD to meet your needs.

Cloud Based Project Management

Storage in the cloud

This platform helps managers and supervisors to create tasks, allocate time for a task, and assign tasks to employees according to plans. The system has an app window for writing down requirements and recommendation for the tasks.

The tasks can be linked according to project network diagram and automatic message would be sent as soon as preceding tasks are completed to the person responsible for next tasks with an app window of documentation and information. In that way, the process flow is well managed.


Centralizes control

25-percent leaner

Reports Deviations

Customizable solution

Increases flexibility

Increases speed of service


cloud-based solution

Connect your users

A table of all your projects, project activities, roles, reports, time-frames, completion dates, overdues, re-assigning, expenditure much more. We will customize it to your organization!

With the data a click away you will be able to go through all the information that is organized for you to make executive decisions! Get started, we will help you master the software!